House Hunting Adventures

So if you caught my last post, you know that Justin and I are going to buy a house!

Omg so exciting, I know, guys I basically haven't slept a wink since we started this house buying adventure cause it's just too much to take in.

But I digress, so anyway last post I talked about our wants vs our needs and all that good stuff. Since then, we've been pre-approved that way we can make an offer right when we spot a keeper. Also, we've decided to keep it in a specific zip code (because we live here now & love it) so location is basically locked down. This narrows down the hunt & that helps us to stay focused on what we're looking for.

We've seen about 6 houses so far, but the first 3 we looked at were night showings so I didn't grab any pics (bad blogger, I know). I only took pictures of day 2 house hunting so without further ado, here's the houses we've seen so far!

My Big Fat Great Announcement!

HEY GUYS! No time for catch up quite yet because we have some BIG news!

Can you guess what it is?

Can ya?

No? Okay, well...


I'm so excited, literally jumping up and down as I write this.

Free Fall Printables For Your Home

Goooood lord it has been a while since I've posted!

But, hey! What's up? How are you guys!?

I feel a little guilty about not posting in a month, not that I really think people hang around just waiting to read my blog. But I left with so many empty promises! Promises of a gallery wall, fall printables, and a random tv console built by my amazing husband that I should have probably posted a tutorial of.

So I'm back to remedy some of those things! 

DIY Wooden Sign Wall Art

Guys guess what?!

I made something. I did something, finally. Like something I'm actually excited to share with you all. 

You might have seen me post on Instagram about the making of a gallery wall....


I'd like to say "here it is, take a good long look! isn't it pretty?" But unfortunately I haven't been that productive. I did, however, make one little aspect of the gallery wall: a french script wooden sign!

The absolute best part of this project? It. was. fo' freeeeee (read that in Fat Amy's voice, please).